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Lights On - Redemptio
Black Aurora Films

Lights On - Redemptio

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Tutte le categorie

Lights On - Redemptio

"Sospesi" #5 - by B'cause Film Productions x Ministero della Cultura e della Tradizione Nazionale (Polonia)

Fabio Liberti x MiR - Lead Me

Alessandro Vigilante - ATTO I for Milano Fashion Week 2021 (directed by Attilio Cusani)

Alessandro Vigilante - "AGUA" beachwear directed by Marco Gradara

"Isolation" by Jamie Neale premiered on Booooooom

"Stream" by Harry Price

Daily Dose of Art with BDC #6

Mutamenti di Clima by Walter Molfese

ATTO I - Fall Winter 2021 by Alessandro Vigilante

"WARM UP" by Harry Price

SIRI by Bartek Woszczynski

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ATMO offers a strong partnership to choreographers, producers, artistic directors, video-makers and content creators around the world. We engage in a wide range of services for commercial and personal projects; we specialize in Music Production (soundtracks for live performances and film scores) and Sound Engineering (mixing and mastering). Contact us for finding the most suitable solution for your project.







Creation of specific and personally tailored soundtracks for dance shows, choreographers, performing arts, installations and experimental projects

Creation of music scores for video makers, movie directors, movement directors that engage in video productions, video trailers for events and related services

ATMO owns and works in a professional sound recording studio. We offer technical service of mixing and mastering your soundtracks

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O U R   V I S I O N
When we engage in a project our aim is to enter and understand the artist’s philosophy and way of working in order to meticulously design a sound that can support the vision behind the project as well as respecting our personal style and sonorities. Furthermore we strongly believe in the potential of an enriching and constructive collaboration between different art forms and artists, which we try to bring to reality in our creative process.

A fusion of melodic and contemporary electronic sound. ATMO is a duo of composers that create sound using a big range of sonorities and sources, mainly electronic. Two brothers, Simone Donati and Giulio Donati that have always been involved in art in different ways but their passion is driven by the same love for music and for art in general as well as all the possibilities of collaboration between different art forms. ATMO’s recording studio is based in Italy. Simone’s background as professional contemporary dancer, performer and choreographer, allowed the duo to enter the Dance World engaging in many projects. ATMO has created scores for various artists, brands, video makers, choreographers and dance companies including Attilio Cusani, Alessandro Vigilante, Bartek Woszczynski, B’cause Dance Company (Warsaw, Poland), Dance Theatre Heidelberg (Germany), Mir Dance Company (Gelsenkirchen, Germany), Walter Molfese (videomaker), Flavien Esmieu (choreographer), Giuseppe Spota (choreographer and dance company director), P/in The Bucket Collective, Harry Price projects (videomaker), Swindon Dance (UK), Hart dance company, Zaneta Weronika Majcher (choreographer), Jamie Neale (choreographer) for Nowness and others.

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Simone has been involved in the art and live performance world since a very young age. After moving abroad at the age of 16 and after earning a BA Hons degree in Dance and Drama from Rambert School in London, he worked as a dancer and performer for various important choreographers and companies in Europe touring in many Countries across the World. He also developed his own way of teaching dance to young people, people with disabilities and leading professional dancers in their own daily routine, as well as choreographing for schools and companies.
His interest for music started since he was a child, when he trained in playing percussions and drums, and slowly shifted to the more electronic side of it. This curiosity for such a delicate and complex world allowed him, in collaboration with his brother Giulio, to start investing in Synthesizers, other instruments and equipment that became part of their own music studio now. The combination between his interest for music, dance and other art forms is what makes him constantly research and develop in different fields.


Giulio started producing electronic music during his studies in Mechanical Engineering after many years spent as guitarist in prog-post rock bands. He focused on techno music and released tracks for many influent European labels. Later he approached different music genres such as ambient electronic, nu soul and trip-pop, experiencing a wide range of sonorities and styles.
His interest in sound engineering brought him to a deep knowledge of recording and mixing techniques, sound design and live performances. During this experimentation process Giulio also composed scores for short-films and soundtracks for cultural events and art exhibitions. 
His scientific and technical background taught him how to manage complex projects bringing results thanks to a scheduled and organized approach, taking care of the every stakeholder needs.


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